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Using in-depth intuition, I act as a mirror for clients - reflecting information that they can't see for themselves. Focusing on a client, I can describe to them the dynamics behind their self-sabotaging patterns, outdated beliefs and decisions, mental blocks, and other self-limiting dynamics. Clients also seek me out to shed light on their best-fit careers, ideal sources of joy and fulfillment, and unique gifts. Throughout my years doing this work, I have been continually amazed how one little piece of information can change and shift a person's entire life experience. Awareness is a powerful thing.


Nancy holds an M.A. in Applied Psychology, an M.A. in Advertising, and a B.A. in Psychology and Biology, and she has spent years honing her intuition through the development and practice of intuitive techniques. Specializing in intuition for healing and achievement, she uses a caring approach in giving clients the information and tools they need to manifest what they want in their lives.

Nancy's expertise in business, marketing, science, and psychology allows her to provide in-depth intuitive information about a wide range of business and personal areas. During a decade at a Fortune 500 company, Nancy established herself as a highly-rated communications manager and consultant. Her unusual combination of business experience and powerful intuitive abilities make her a valuable catalyst in both business and personal matters.



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Nancy Wagaman, M.A.
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Undoubtedly, we become what we envisage. -Claude M. Bristol