Dream Journaling

Tracking Your Dreams

If you are interested in learning from your dreams, then dream journaling is your most powerful tool. Writing a description of a dream right after it occurs helps you.

Remember More of Your Dream

You'll remember more dream details because your dream is still fresh. Your memory of the dream details fades as you wake up. Plus, writing your dream will often trigger your memory of even more dream details.

Remember Your Dream Longer

Once your dream is written down, you can come back and interpret it anytime and review it whenever you like.

Get More from Your Interpretation

Writing out your dream helps dream recall - and the more of the dream you remember and preserve, the more you can interpret. Plus, a written description - in words and pictures - gives the fullest possible record of your dream for you to interpret.

Interpret Your Dream More Easily

A written dream description is easier to interpret than just a dream memory. Your dream is all there on paper to review, analyze, and make notes on as you get insights about dream meaning.

Improve Your Dream Recall

Writing out your dreams on a regular basis will likely help you remember more of them in the future. Anything that helps you focus on your dreams should help you remember your dreams more often and remember more dream details from your dreams.

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