Mental Clean-Sweep

To Reduce Stress

This is a great exercise if you are feeling overwhelmed or having trouble focusing on what to do in your life. When you're done, you will likely have lots more energy and feel more focused and less stressed.

1. Do a "Mind Dump" Onto Paper

With lots of blank paper on hand, create a list of everything you've been holding in your mind. This includes your entire mental "to do" list, all of your dreams of things you might do, become, experience, or acquire (from childhood to the present), things you have ever thought you would do someday (like travel to a certain country, learn to dance, etc.). To get more ideas, walk around your house and look in closets. Then review your life year by year to uncover more items.

2. Sort Your List

When you can't think of anymore, go through your list and sort your items into the 3 following categories:

3. Out with the Old, in with the New

When you are done, shred or burn your "clean sweep" list you started with, as a way of releasing those old things that you no longer choose to hold in your mind. This exercise usually frees up a great deal of mental energy that you were using to hold your mental "to do's" - energy that will now be available to focus in your new, chosen directions.

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