Your Life Passions

Connecting with your Life Force

Everyone has certain types of activities or pursuits that bring them joy, whether they know it or not. For some, it might be singing or painting, while for others it could be building or decorating or cooking. Sometimes a passion takes the form of helping others in a certain way, such as getting involved with a charity or cause, or supporting people who need assistance of some sort.

Signs that You Aren't Connected
with Your Passions

Life passions - as we will call them here - are the activities that uplift you, energize you, make you happy or perhaps fulfilled. When we ignore our life passions, or if we have yet to discover and honor them, it can bring a lot of negative results in our lives. When we don't "practice" our life passions regularly, we start to get emotional feedback from ourselves indicating that we need to make a change. This can range from feeling unfulfilled, to irritability, to low self-esteem, and even to severe depression. When we are not in touch with our inner source of joy, we can feel disconnected from our self and from life itself.

Make the Connection
and Super-Charge Your Life

Although each person who is alive has one or more life passions, many people say that they don't have any, or they have no idea what they are. It can feel confusing or overwhelming when you don't know where to start. The answer is to start exploring and dabble in different types of things. Try something new each day to help you learn what kinds of activities "light you up" and make you happy - the activities that make you feel truly alive. Take some activities for a test-drive, and look within your self for the telltale signs of joy and happiness. Happiness truly comes from within, but sometimes we need to do things to help it along.

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