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Nancy Wagaman—Intuitive Consultant Nancy Wagaman uses focused intuition to act as a mirror to show clients what they cannot see for themselves. Master yourself and your business through depth awareness and harnessing the power of the consciousness. Web Design Quality website design and development in San Diego. Responsive websites that auto-format on all device types. Custom advanced web development: database, video, kiosks, Jquery, Javascript, AJAX, Perl, and more. Managed web development environments and consulting.


Dream Visions—Dream Interpretation

MyDreamVisions Dream interpretation resource site with dream dictionary, step-by-step interpretation instructions, professional dream analysis, and other dream resources.


Your Success Ally Your Success Ally focuses on helping clients align their daily lives with their highest purpose, thereby fostering a world where people are happy, healthy, loving and prosperous.



GV Massage

GV Massage With almost 20 years experience, GV Massage can customize each session to your specific needs. From shoulder tension to sciatica, they can help you feel terrific.



The Revitalizers

GV Massage Imagine that you can feel better and improve your life today. Our specialty is in Distant Energy Healing, a sacred form called Shafaw. You may have a physical illness or a stressful event in your life. Let us help you. This is a very gentle and yet powerful experience, many people experience a complete sense of calm and clarity both during and after the session.


MAPP Assessment—for Career & Personal Direction

MAPPMAPP—Motivational Appraisal of personal potential—Take this free self-survey to reveal your natural motivations and talent for work. When your job matches your true motivations work seems easier and is more fulfilling. Extensive results with lots of helpful information about you, based on your answers.


University of Santa Monica

USM Degrees and certificate programs in Spiritual Psychology. Educating for life mastery. Known worldwide for providing soul-centered education that positively transforms people’s lives. (Bachelor's degree not required for certificate program.)


SunEssence Botanicals

SunriderSunrider natural health, beauty, and household products. Concentrated food herbs to nourish the body so it can heal itself.


Intuition Network

IntuitionThe purpose of the Intuition Network is to help create a world in which all people feel encouraged to cultivate and use their inner, intuitive resources.


Miranda Alcott—Animal Communications Counselor

MirandaInternationally recognized animal communicator, teacher, and researcher, Miranda Alcott's work has been featured on TV's Life Moments as well as having volunteered at ground zero after 9/11 with her crisis intervention dog, Whisper. Miranda 'talks' directly with animals and serves as a go-between and translator between animals and their people. Her feeling is that animals are teachers, and humans need to learn from them as much as possible. Miranda's work includes welcoming a new animal into the family, addressing nagging issues or troubling situations, along with aiding animals who are ill or in transition, along with shedding light on the relationship between specific humans and their animals.


Other Interesting Sites

I don't have experience with the services on these sites, and so I can't necessarily give a recommendation for their services, but you might find them interesting.


About Holistic Healing

A compilation of many resources on all kinds of holistic healing and personal development.

The Aumara Light & Healing Circle

A place for healing and inspiration. Enrich your life with spiritual healing and powerful healing crystals, join us in global healing and meditation, browse our inspiration gallery and teachings library, and much more for the traveler on the spiritual path.

One Spirit Project

Facilitating personal growth and spiritual enlightenment through commentary and discussion, we encourage new perspectives that will help you find meaning and purpose in your life. Large resource directory.

Spirit Circle Holistic Natural Wellness for Body, Mind, Spirit and Soul

Soulful, positive, spiritually nourishing products, workshops and articles speak to your spirit and nurture your soul. Connect with your own inner wisdom on your journey of personal growth and peace.

United Communities of Spirit

UCSA global interfaith network, linking people of diverse faiths and beliefs who want to work with others to build a better world. Our aim is to promote awareness that all humanity is part of the same spiritual family.


The community for coaching, coaches and coach training. Also provides many resources useful to coaching clients. Get the most out of your coaching experience.

A guide to information about self-improvement, personal growth and self help on the Internet. An organized directory with articles and references to thousands of other web sites on the web.

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