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Nancy's Recommended Exercises

LifeScape Exercise

Clarify and help bring about a situation in your life by creating a "word picture" of what you want.

Explore Your Life Passions

Tap into your sources of joy and passion to help boost your energy, motivation, and happiness.

Reframing Self-Thoughts for Self Esteem

Change your self-image by changing the way you think. Use your thoughts for yourself, not against yourself.

Mental Clean-Sweep to Reduce Stress

Feeling overloaded? Have too much on your mind? Shift out of "overwhelm" in just minutes. A great way to reduce stress, and boost energy and motivation.

Traditional Coaching Exercises

Pre-Coaching Preparation Form

Bringing Out the Best in Me

Mission Statement Template

Integrity 101 Chart

Frequent Mistakes

What to Do About Fear

Revise Your Communication Style

Business Owners Strengths/ Weaknesses

Sports, Recreational Activities, & Hobbies

100 Communication Mistakes

Stockpile Program


Coaching Fast Start

546 Goals (Sample Goals)

1001 Tolerations

Clean Sweep Program

Class Act Program

Buff It Up! Program

Biz Whiz Success Program

100 Smiles Program

Time Peace Program

New Business Startup Program

NeedLess Program

Motivation Grid

Problems, Concerns, and Blocks

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